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Draw Tite Brake Controller 5504

The draw tite brake controller is a must-have for any kart that wants to drive them. This controller allows you to control your karts's brake and transmission traits, making it an essential piece of kit. With the controller, you can finally get your kart to stop just right, or get it moving faster than ever before.

Draw Tite Brake Controller 5504 Walmart

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Cheap Draw Tite Brake Controller 5504

The draw-tite brake controller is a powerful and easy to use activator for early zoé models. This controller includes an electronic brake controller for zoé models and is compatible with the zoé frame. The draw-tite controller allows you to control your zoé models with your hands free operation. this is a draw tite brake controller that comes with a wiring harness for 2003-2007 gm. It can provideidia control over tite brakes, including front and back brake pedalreset values, tite brake village points, and tite brake controller settings. Thisactivator electric brake controller is based on the reliable 5504 activation method and comes with an excellent design. It is perfect for use in speeds up to 6 mph. the draw tite brake controller 5504 is a great accessory for your silverado sierra. This controller is an activator brake controller and has a trailering system to help keep your brake pedal from skip during ride. The controller also has a power switch and a turn on/off switch.